There are many components of baking that I really enjoy.

I love that I can gather ingredients like a raw egg, flour, vanilla extract, sugar–ingredients that are inedible by itself–to make something edible and delicious!

There are many times where I fail and get frustrated with myself and the food for not turning out the way it’s supposed to turn out.

But one of the best parts is when, after many trials and failures, you finally get the desired result!

However, the BEST part of baking is creating something delicious and sharing it with friends and family. The joy that it brings them brings me more joy! It encourages me to bake more and increase my baking skills.

I hope that my recipes can encourage you all to try baking, or try doing something that you enjoy to encourage, love, and bless others around you 🙂

Happy Baking, and God Bless You!